Friday, May 20, 2011

The Exodus Project - Ms. Akua

Ms. Akua is the founder of Hired Capital - a recruiting and human resource consulting firm based in Accra, Ghana. Visit their website at

How long were in the US? What was your experience in the US? How has your experience in the West shaped your perspective?

10 years. University and work. Exposed me to how things are done here, how people relate and how the system works here. It’s been a very positive and rewarding experience but it’s important to know when it’s enough and when you can go back home feeling accomplished.

What has the experience been since you moved back to Ghana (socially & culturally) and in your work/business activities?

Socially, it was initially challenging as I had lost touch with friends who live in Ghana as my closest friends didn’t live there. After about half a year it became stable, I now find myself with a lot of non-Ghanaian friends or repat Ghanaian friends.

What is your advice for others who want to move back to Ghana?

Start reaching out to the people in Ghana early enough.. Also, get in touch with Hired Capital..:)

What are your hopes for the future of Ghana? How do you think we can achieve them?

We can achieve our hopes by being bold enough to participate in what matters to you – be it business, philanthropy or politics. Do something! Also, selecting the right leaders…Although you only have one vote, exercise it when you can.

What business opportunities or (opportunities to have an impact) do you see in Ghana?

There are many opportunities – anytime something isn’t available or something isn’t done right, it’s an opportunity. It’s what tickles your fancy. The only thing is that you can’t sit back and think about the opportunities, because there are at least a dozen more people with the same ideas – it’s about who will execute it.

If you were President of Ghana give us a list of Top 5 things you will do.

I’d take care of the basic necessities of life. They are so basic that it’s ridiculous not to have them.

Why did you move back to Ghana?

I wanted to go home!

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