Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top 10 Ghana - Greatest Highlife Artists of All Time

By now you can probably tell I have a fascination with lists:

  1. Amakye Dede
  2. Daddy Lumba
  3. Kojo Antwi
  4. Ben Brako
  5. AB Crentsil
  6. George Darko
  7. Nana Acheampong
  8. Nana Tuffour
  9. Pat Thomas
  10. Jewel Ackah

The top 3 are interchangable based on the time of day and where the music is being played. What say ye?


  1. Daddy Lumba is the number 1.

    even though Amandzeba must be mentioned as a one in his own class.


  2. I like your lists and would consider reposting on my blog but we'd need more "meat". Is it possible to tell us a bit about why these artists make the top 10? Just a bit more information beyond just the names? It's a chance for us to learn something new. If you can do that, I'll be happy to feature you as a guest-blogger. I think more people need to see this.

  3. Where is E.T Mensah

  4. I definitely agree with your top three!

  5. i think daddy lumba should be the number 1