Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Will Ghana’s Emeril or Jamie Oliver Please Stand Up

What are the top 10 fine dining restaurants in Accra? Somebody help me out here:

  1. La Chaumiere (French)
  2. Monsoon (Australian)
  3. Tante Marie (Who knows??)
  4. Rhapsody (South African)
  5. Dynasty (Chinese)
  6. Buka (Ghanaian)
  7. Haveli (Indian)
  8. ????
  9. ????
  10. ????

Say you have some client’s or guest from overseas (or overland) in Accra and you just signed a major multi-million dollar agreement with this client at your sprawling office complex in Airport City (this should be happening more and more now seeing that Ghana is gradually becoming the preferred business destination in the West African Sub-Region). To celebrate the deal the client requests dinner at an authentically Ghanaian Fine Dining establishment with an exotic wine list and a reputable Ghanaian Chef – owned and operated by a Ghanaian. What are your options?

We have had Ghanaians living and working in Japan, Italy, France, etc for the last 30 years. How come we don’t have a “Ghanaianized” Italian Restaurant somewhere in Accra operated by a returnee? How come we don’t have any well known Chefs who make the best Ghanaian food and experiment with our traditional dishes? Does everybody have to be a lawyer, parliamentarian, or a contractor? Does everybody have to work at a bank or as a project manager or for an NGO?

Will the Ghanaians who have money to go to Dynasty etc patronize such an institution?


  1. There's a good italian restaurant at airport called osteria michaelangelo. Italian chef. Asanka Local, Bush Canteen and Mukaase aren't bad if u want authentic Ghanaian food at a decent price.

  2. :) Check out my page on fb I've put up a link directly to the info you need.

  3. you make a pretty decent tuna, perhaps you need to leave your job and venture off into the culinary arts. You maybe the Asian-inspired chef Ghana has been waiting for. I think you can do it...

  4. noble house is consistent and very good indian