Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ayew for President (I mean Captain)

Much has been written about the gallant effort of Ghana Black Stars at the FIFA World Cup.

While his father (Abedi Pele) is still the best individual player Ghana has ever produced, most Ghanaians admire the on-field leadership and effort Andre Ayew brings to the Black Stars.

It’s the kind of “we’re all in this together” leadership that is lacking in government and most Ghanaian enterprises. For that alone, Andre Ayew and the spirit he brings to the team gets my vote for next Captain of the Black Stars. May all see and learn.

Dare I say that Abedi Pele’s greatest contribution to Ghana Football is his son?

PS: My vote for the “Most Powerful Man in the World (June & July 2010)” is….Jerome & Kevin-Prince Boateng’s father. They are half brothers. What are the chances that a man will have kids with two different women and both kids will play in the quarterfinals of the World Cup? Anybody?