Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Joshua Clottey: Questions and Lessons for a nation

In light of the Joshua Clottey “non-fight” with Manny Pacquiao I have a few questions and concerns that are begging for answers:

Questions and concerns:
1. Joshua Clottey’s Ghanaian lead trainer Godwin Dzanie Kotey could not secure a visa to travel to the United States in what would arguably be the “fight of his life”. What is the role of the Sports Ministry, the National Sports Council, and the Ghana Boxing Authority in helping the trainer secure a US visa? Why weren’t they successful? Would a trainer in his corner actually speaking his native language (Ga) have helped Joshua Clottey actually…ah…fight?

2. According to myjoyonline news; "Clottey blames defeat on Banku and Okro stew" - Given Ghana’s long history on the world boxing stage (Ghana being, arguably, the best boxing nation on the African continent on the professional level) shouldn’t our boxers have nutritionist or at least know what kind of food to eat before “the fight of your life”? I wouldn’t even Banku and Okra soup before playing tennis, basketball or ride my bike in my neighborhood because it’s such heavy food. Why should a former boxing champion like Joshua Clottey eat Banku and Okro Stew before a major fight?

3. According to an AP news article I read, “Clottey who like many of the country’s top boxers have endlessly criticized the GBA for a lack of support, confessed that he goes into the fight against Pacquiao feeling like he is fighting for Ghana for the very first time”.

For a country of approximately 20 million people Ghana has made a name for itself in the world of boxing – Azumah Nelson, Ike Quartey, etc. Most of the boxing greats come from Accra, specifically the Bukom, Chorkor, Osu areas of Accra.

What would it cost to have a boxing ring on every corner in Bukom.

What would it cost to build 2 extra large gyms with several training equipment (locally made) in the Chorkor area?

What would it cost to give every boy in Bukom a free pair of boxing gloves if they chose to pursue boxing either as a hobby or with the hope of making it as a professional boxer some day.

Had Joshua Clottey fought and won the Welterweight title the economic impact of his winning on the average Ghanaian’s standard of living would have been greater than Ghana’s entire parliament.

How about we don’t give each parliamentarian a $50,000 "car loan" next year. (are these still loans if they don't and are not required to pay them back?) . Instead build some facilities to produce more Joshua Clotteys and Azumah Nelsons.

How about reduce the "car loans" to $20,000 instead? Can I get an Amen?


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