Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nice Body or Pretty Face?

After reading my comparison of "Ghana women" and "Nigerian women" (See My Maiden Voyage to Lagos, Nigeria) a friend of mine had a question:

If you had to choose between a nice body and a pretty face, which would you pick?

In a perfect world,especially in my 20's and 30's I would certainly want a nice body. There's just something magical about a nice female figure. God is a great designer!

In the real world, however, age, "gravity", and "natural expansion" will take a toll on any nice body quicker than a pretty face. So I'll take a pretty face over a nice body.

Which would you (or the men you know) pick?


  1. I guess the face is part of the body (just to avoid this difficult question!!!)

  2. a pretty face is mostly a good enough compensation for a not so great body .. so i'd say a pretty face :D

  3. Why settle for less when you can have both? Save yourself the hustle of having to decide and look to the South. Yes the ladies have beautiful faces and inspiring

    and by south I mean southern