Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It’s ok to plan

On my recent visits to Accra and Lagos I saw enough to make me wonder:

  • Do our cultures look down on planning?
  • Is planning seen as a sign of weakness? i.e. not tough enough to deal with the rigors of doing business in Africa?
  • Does the pressure to make money right now (however small) supersede the possibility of making millions by putting a little more effort into deliberate planning?

In Accra I got a chance to visit the new hangout spot in Osu called “CitiZen Kofi”. It is obvious the 5 story facility (complete with penthouse view of Accra just off the main Oxford street) was well planned and executed – and guess what, it’s owned by a Ghanaian.

For me it rivals any club/lounge/bar/restaurant you’ll see in New York, Chicago, London or any major western city in term of design, service, menu, ambiance, etc. Obviously it wasn't built with pocket change.

If you are a citizen of Ghana, by the power vested in me as a fellow citizen, consider it a civic duty (if you can afford it) to visit and spend some time (and money) at CitiZen Kofi in Osu.


  1. the prices of that club are nto for the citizens in ghana so why is it called citizen kofi, when will someone build sometihgn for ghanians

  2. i heard that there willbe a new club opeing called LRE (la royael entertainment that will be a first class facility with prices that will be affordable for ghanians. the average ghanian makes about 2Gh a day yest a beer cost more than 6Gh. I hope when LRE arrives that citizen kane will see the work they are doing and copy it. it is such a nice building and it does rival new york, london but why does the price also rival theirs. if the place states in its name to stand for ghana why dont they allow ghanians to enjoy the place by lowering its prices.

  3. They asked me 30 Cedi gate fee. I did not go in.