Sunday, July 19, 2009

Giving up on Fufu & Light Soup with Goat Meat

No. Not completely. But, Yes! For as long as I can remember, Fufu and Light Soup with Goat meat has been my favorite food. I’m afraid those days are over. Will I still eat Fufu? Yes periodically (Not more than once a week). Will I still list it as my favorite food? No. Not because I don’t enjoy it anymore. Nooooo! Far from it.

It all started when I went home to Ghana recently. My mom made arguably one of the best gourmet fufu and light soup with goat meat I ever had. I ate and ate and ate, and drunk some soup…a lot of soup. Sweet Jesus! The soup was nice and extra spicy, the goat meat was fresh and the fufu was made with organic cassava, yam, and plantain “sent from heaven” (see Keyshia Cole). This practically wiped out 2 months of going to the gym and biking like Lance Armstrong in the streets of Chicago prior to my trip.

In order to preserve my Anti-Pot Belly policy and for the sake of longevity and “sustainability”, I hereby officially change my favorite food from Fufu and Light Soup with Goat meat to Banku and Grilled Tilapia with hot pepper. As long as I eat a lot more grilled tilapia than Banku I think I’ll be fine in the long run.

What’s your favorite food? Is it “sustainable”?

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  1. I can see you settled for my favorite, banku and tilapia. I sympathize with you when you say you have to give up your "fufu and aponkye nkakra" which happens to be number 2 on my list (tied with banku and okro soup/stew. I'm half ewe - go figure). Unfortunately, my eating Ghanaian food is very unsustainable. One meal of any of these delicacies means a year of going to the gym for me. I am still trying to lose my pot belly (I'm a woman too *Sigh*) from eating banku and kenkey everyday last year.

  2. nududu is the bomb!

    come home to waakye, wele, talia, shito and goat meat stew

    It's the absolute rockas!

  3. Ha. What a coincidence! I'm on an anti-belly campaign too!

    Does peach cobbler count as real food? :) If so, that's my pick. Or lamb masala with rice and naan. Those two dishes combined are probably not sustainable since they will ruin my belly and other parts of my anatomy. But a girl can always dream... ;)


  4. ummm sorry to break it to you but banku and tilapia is my fav and i'm totally rocking a pot belly...maybe i should change my fav to tilapia and banku and get the portions straight...but give it up for good. no way man

  5. lmao Kodjo, the image of you biking down Lakeshore like Lance Armstrong has me rolling on the floor....ahhh u didn't tell me you were tryna keep fit, wanna join me for my 6.30am workout sessions? Consider me your personal trainer. Monday we begin...K?

  6. Way to go Prince of Adovoria. A lot of African men need to be on the anti-belly campaign. Let me know if you need donations, well, as long as they are tax deduc :-)

  7. My favourite food of all time is boiled cassava and abom with koobi and assorted smoked river fish,the pot belly issue is crazy but,does that mean that Ghanaian food is unhealthy?

    Frankly i think its an issue of quantities,i stand to be corrected though......